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July 15, 2010
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Tauros (the Wild Bull pokémon) are the male counterpart species of the pokémon Miltank. These massive semi-mammalian monotreme normal-types can learn an amazing array of attacks that are prized by many trainers everywhere. Tauros can be found on nearly every farm in the world and their main 'jobs' are breeding with the Miltank and meat because Miltank meat is one of the most loved in all the world.

It seems strange that Tauros and Miltank are the male and female counterparts of each other, especially as there are no Miltank in the Kanto region; the main home-grounds of Tauros. Also when a Miltank is bred with a Ditto it only gives birth to Miltank eggs, this is why some doubt that Miltank and Tauros are counterparts or just two totally different pokémon that have the ability to breed with each other.

Tauros need to be in an aggressive state to unleash their full force on the opponent. This is why Tauros have evolved their amazingly strong tails that are used to whip themselves; the pain caused by the constant whipping against the rump causes the Tauros to go into a savage frenzy and charge at anything that they see as a threat. Many stories of rampaging Tauros spearing innocent people with their horns have been told; usually it was the humans fault, stirring the Tauros into anger or physical/verbally abusing it. But on the rare occasion, the Tauros is the one to blame for the attack. This is why I warn any trainer willing to use this pokémon in battle; it is very risky and could lead to injury or even death.

The Running of the Tauros is one of the biggest events in our history; it has been happening once every year for around ninety years. Every 1st of August in a selected town or city in the Kanto region a huge amount of captured Tauros are locked in a stable and left for around a day. In this day the Tauros are whipping themselves with their tales and becoming angrier and angrier. After the day is over an amount of brave trainers wait outside the stable gates and then, when the Tauros are set free, the trainers are chased by the Tauros. It is considered lucky to escape unharmed from the charging Tauros, sadly nearly every year a trainer in killed by the stampeding Tauros although it is never blamed on the Tauros. Also the Tauros get a tracking device tied to their legs beforehand so, when they have calmed down, their trainers can find them again.

In conclusion, Tauros are a very hard pokémon to raise and train and we should leave them to the professionals... or the very brave and stupid. Because to the young trainer even one Tauros can seem like thirty!
Whoo... Tauros... Next hopefully Miltank

Oh by the way; cookie for anyone who can spot my 'banned episode' hint in here.
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It was banned because of the gun. Gimme mah cookie!

THIS IS A COOKIE :iconbigcookieplz:
i don't know how to make the picture come up =P
type :icon and then whatever the icon says(usually ending in plz) :

So it goes

ZeldaLucario Jan 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have to put : at the beginning and the end, so it would be : iconcookieplz : minus the spaces in between. :P
you have to use : at both ends too...
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